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Developing a pharmaceutical business group with novel technologies and services.

Everlight Chemical Industrial Co. started to develop prostaglandin Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in 1992. Since the completion of the cGMP-compliant plant in 1998, we have devoted the commerical products to pharmaceutical industry with high quality and reasonable price. To date, our sales are widely distributed over 30 countries in the world.

To keep pace with the originator, we never stop pursuing technical improvements. Several patents were granted in the past years. Besides, our APIs have registered worldwide, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, European Union, Japan, China and so on. Our plant is certified by Taiwan FDA, US FDA, European Union (EMEA), Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Agency, Japan (PMDA), including site inspections by the US FDA and the Swedish MPA.

Resulted from the authorities promoting generics to reduce the medical expenses for aging people in developed countries, it has lead to a growing market of APIs. Since August 2011, we have started building a new plant with the area equals to 8,000 square meters conforming to the updated international regulations. The expansion production lines enable the development of high potency drugs and medication for cancer, central nervous system and self-immune.

We believe the pursuit of novel techniques will provide high-quality APIs and to ensure the better customer service and customer satisfaction.